Neapolitan Music Society

Message from Mº Gioacchino Longobardi, President, NMS

Thomas JeffersonAt the time of the American Revolution, Naples was the center of the musical world. For more than a century the Neapolitan School of Music dominated the entire musical scene of Europe. When Thomas Jefferson made a catalog of his personal music collection in 1783, it featured names like Piccinni, Hasse and Pergolesi, all important composers trained at the famous music conservatories of Naples.

Although the Neapolitan Masters laid the foundation of classical music and produced some of the most beautiful music ever written, only a fraction of their masterpieces are known and performed today. The principal goal of Neapolitan Music Society is to enlarge communities of study, research and a reevaluation of these musical works, forgotten or lost for over two centuries.



Please watch the video about the Neapolitan Music Society and its work:
Uncovered Music

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